Monday, August 16, 2010

pics from fredericksburg, va

Martha! you are awesome!

if you look right at where the Atzlan sign is you can see a few holes where the Chi-Chi's sign was, and can just barely make out the curve of the 'c." you can also see where the chi-chi's shingles are falling off.

i'll try to go by again sometime with my real camera on a sunny day!!! just thought you might like to see these in the meantime ... i have many a fond memory of eating at chi-chi's in high school and having friends say it was their birthday when it wasn't so they could get the sombrero and all that!

Atzlan! Gross. One online review for this place actually read "their meat seemed watered-down." I DO NOT even want to think about the combination of those words. What does that even mean?????????????????


Martha said...

Glad you liked the pix! I'm just sorry they aren't better! I really want to go back there and peer in there and see if there's any recognizable Chi-Chi's stuff left on the walls!
I'm dying to eat at a Tangleweeds or whatever it is and see if the food even remotely resembles Chi-Chi's.

Sam said...

I was with Chi Chi's for many years. One of my good friends was the GM of the Fredericksburg store before it closed. This blog is cool for me in a melancholy way. I have worked at least briefly in several of the locations mentioned here. I have a creepy, abandoned Chi Chis to add, Livonia Michigan. It sits on Middlebelt road, once the proud suburban business district of Detroit...and now...its uh not...

Nantz said...

I've been feeling nostalgic about Chi Chi's lately. I miss going there. Mine was right in my neighborhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. It's completely torn down now. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Yeh it fucking sucks
My very first job ever was busing tables for chi chis in battle creek. Its been closed for over a decade and is now a fucking barnes and nobles. But god damn did we have fun there. It was also the place where i watched o.j. simpson get chased by the cops on tv.

D said...

Hi! Found your blog on the internet, and it looks like you've abandoned it.
I run a blog called Orphaned Blogs, and I've linked to your blog.
Hope you get the inspiration to blog again someday. :)

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Anonymous said...

I will always miss Chi Chi's & have a Facebook Page "Bring Back Chi Chi's Mexican Restaurant" as it was mine and my niece's favorite hangout!

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Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

I worked at the Flint,Michigan one for the better part of 11yrs and I had a great time there!

Unknown said...

I managed the Middlebelt store in 1988 and 1990.It had the highest sales volume in Southeast Michigan.