Friday, May 30, 2008

creepy abandoned highway kmart chichis

So, hey internet. Have i ever talked about the CACC in Springfield, VA? If not, I'm dumb. It's not far from my house, and it's been there forever (right off 395/old keene mill road, before you reach the KMart Shopping Center. Also, KMart/Trader Joes/BuyBuyBaby? Riddle me this: those three places seem totally incongruous.)

Ok, so. John has sent the below in, because he is awesome and has a camera with him at all times apparently. Or, even better, made a special trip to that crazy-ass KMart/TJ's/Baby shopping area right off the craziest-assest highway (the Mixing Bowl, three superhighways merge, it's insanity) just to capture the glamour that is Chi-Chis.

Woot, thanks John!