Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chi-Chis auction: Pasadena, MD

From the awesome Adam in MD:

I found some pictures online of the Chi-chi's I used to work at an auction website (note that there are two pages):

Chi-Chi's Photos

The restaurant was bought fairly quickly after it closed, and was renovated into a Carraba's Italian Restaurant. Carraba's only occupies a section of the building though, with the unoccupied part I assume still in its original condition.

Feel free to post any of this on the blog.

Please note my hatred for Carraba's, but only because of their radio commercials. I've never actually eaten at a Carrabas. I'm a pathetic evil snob like that. Also, how did they renovate only part of the building? Is the other half still crumbling stucco? I can only hope.

I also just realized I have used the word "awesome" in every single post. I plan to continue to do so. Sorry, internet.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"don't drink the water, drink the margaritas!"

a wonderful gentleman named David from Madison, Wisconsin; sends in these:

My favorite by far is the terrible margarita mural. Because everyone likes to be reminded of explosive diarrhea bad Spring-Break-in-Tijuana-or-whatever-water gives you while dining out. Dining out in Madison, Wisconsin.

Anyways, awesome! Thanks David.