Monday, August 24, 2009

thanks hormel foods

I was planning on going out for pizza and beer tonight but instead I'm going to go home and whip up a lasagna just like my sweet Sicilian Nonna used to make. *

Also I missed this brilliant gem of an earlier comment from an anonymous Luxembourg-ian (Luxembourg-ite?): "Trivia : The Chi-Chi's restaurant in Luxembourg is next door to a Pizza Hut and there is a "secret door" used by the staff to pass from one restaurant to another." WHAAAAAAAAT. Rad.

* everything about this sentence is a lie except for the recipe, which is swear-to-god-real.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm really just kidding, I swear. Even if you are all afraid of the dark.

Of note: there are still Chi-Chis Restaurantes in Montreal and Toronto, apparently.


God Canadians, will you ever stop being so cute with those superfluous "e"'s, so very foreign to people like me, who's terrible ancestors are from Arkansas and probably think you are all French commie lesbians?

So how many people Did I just offend there? Two? Three? 33,212,696?

If anyone's Canadian and has photos of these still-functioning joints (jointes?) please email.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Creepy! Abandoned! Weird Star-Wars-ish public art!

whoops. i kind of had a kid and forgot all about this. it happens.

in the comments, some kind and gentle soul posted the link to their public photos of a Creepy Abandoned Shopping Mall, once home to a (now Creepy, Abandoned) Chi-Chis and then a (now Creepy, Abandoned) "Backstage Restaurant"

Hooray! I love Creepy, Abandoned things that were turned into other Creepy, Abandoned things.