Monday, August 16, 2010

pics from fredericksburg, va

Martha! you are awesome!

if you look right at where the Atzlan sign is you can see a few holes where the Chi-Chi's sign was, and can just barely make out the curve of the 'c." you can also see where the chi-chi's shingles are falling off.

i'll try to go by again sometime with my real camera on a sunny day!!! just thought you might like to see these in the meantime ... i have many a fond memory of eating at chi-chi's in high school and having friends say it was their birthday when it wasn't so they could get the sombrero and all that!

Atzlan! Gross. One online review for this place actually read "their meat seemed watered-down." I DO NOT even want to think about the combination of those words. What does that even mean?????????????????

Thursday, August 12, 2010

weird question

Internet! Do any of you happen to have a subscription to "Food Network Magazine?"

. . .

I know. Just email me please.