Monday, August 24, 2009

thanks hormel foods

I was planning on going out for pizza and beer tonight but instead I'm going to go home and whip up a lasagna just like my sweet Sicilian Nonna used to make. *

Also I missed this brilliant gem of an earlier comment from an anonymous Luxembourg-ian (Luxembourg-ite?): "Trivia : The Chi-Chi's restaurant in Luxembourg is next door to a Pizza Hut and there is a "secret door" used by the staff to pass from one restaurant to another." WHAAAAAAAAT. Rad.

* everything about this sentence is a lie except for the recipe, which is swear-to-god-real.


Anonymous said...


I'm the anonymous Luxembourger (Lux-Hamburger?). Here is a pic of Luxembourg's Chi-Chi's restaurant I found on Flickr (I didn't take that pic, just found it)

You can clearly see it is located next to a Pizza Hut restaurant and that they share the same signboard.

In case you have the chance to visit this restaurant, the "secret door" is located near the bar, at the exact opposit of the front door. It is a "staff only door" but you can always give it a try pretending you are looking for the toilets... if it's not locked you will go through a small corridor and end up... at Pizza Hut ;o)

Anonymous said...

The pic is Here

debrisslide said...

Just found this site. I've also seen an operational Chi-Chi's in Den Haag, Netherlands. . .was very surprised to see it.

Anonymous said...

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Dree said...

Hi! I just found this site from my desperate Internet search of Chi-Chi's Belgium. You see, I'm going on a trip with my college class to continental Europe (I live in Ireland) and I had heard about a year ago that there were still Chi-Chi's operating in Luxembourg and Belgium. Now that I know that I am going to be in the same country as a Chi-Chi's... How can I NOT try my hardest to find it?

I moved to Ireland in 2003, my last meal in the USA being in a Chi-Chi's. My family comes back to visit in 2004 and all of the local Chi-Chi's are gone, without explanation. I found out the situation in about 2007 (thank you, Wikipedia!). All I can say is, I need to find a Chi-Chi's. I leave in one week...

I hope that you don't think I'm crazy. Just a girl with a serious taste for Mexican food, who never got to say goodbye. Wish me luck- I will let you know if I can find the restaurants in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this already but the Chi Chis in Springfield Plaza burned tonight (Feb 11). Check it out!

Martha said...

How funny, I was just in Luxembourg last November and saw that Chi-Chi's! I was amazed! I also saw one in Brussels, Belgium!
~Martha (

Martha said...

Also, if anyone is curious the Chi-Chi's in Luxembourg was in Luxembourg City near a bar called Bananas. And the Brussels one ... I'd have to do some research on that, I remember what it looked like but I don't recall where exactly we were.

Anonymous said...

Hi Governess,
I'm a reporter working on a possible story including Chi-Chi's. Please contact me ( I'd love to ask you about your connection to Chi-Chi's and any other information you might be able to offer.

The Mapless Traveler said...

hey there, i'm not sure if you had already seen this or not, but the chi-chi's at springfield mall apparently caught on fire back in february. not sure if they have torn it down yet, I haven't had a chance to go look at it:

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