Thursday, September 04, 2008

welcome to the internet

You can send an online Chi-Chis gram! A perfect way to tell your loved ones "I'm thinking of you!" is by sending them an animated..... Cyclops?

WTF. I am terrified.


AvengeTheFallen said...

I recently found my way into an abandoned Chi-Chis in southeastern Michigan. Birds, soggy ceiling tiles and just rubble littered the place. I do believe I may have seen a rat scurry off in the distance of the kitchen somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I trained at the primary Chi Chi's in Pittsburgh PA back in July 2003, and then subsequently worked for the Chi Chi's in Allentown, PA, Reading, PA, and Lancaster, PA as a floating manager.
I remember the day we found out we were closing, I was the opening manager and we were supposed to be getting a delivery that day. I found out we were closing because our distributor refused to talk to me about why we weren't getting our order. My GM didn't tell us anything other than the company was facing some problems up to that point.
That day was spent driving around to all three locations and essentially packing up everything that wasn't nailed down. I have one of the huge blue salad bowls still.
It was a sad sad day. I loved working for that company...I think.

Yaz & Chris said...

I'd love to play six degrees of thought digression for this one on how I ended up on your

There is an old Chi-Chi's up the street from the house I grew up in, in Toronto, Ontario - however, I believe it is now a "Mr. Wong's Super Buffet".

If I'm in TO sometime soon, I will grab a pic. You can tell by the building shape that salsafication once went on behind those walls.

Douglas said...

i worked at chi chi's christiana mall and allentown from like 85 to 91. best times of my life. doug megill