Tuesday, February 19, 2008

wait, what?

So. I was puzzling over the "Bankets" menu on the Brussels site, and what do my little blue eyes spy? Tumbleweed Restaurant is the "US Chi-Chis brand"?

Apparently they are only in Ohio and Kentucky, with smattering of T-weeds in Indiana and Wisconsin as well.

More on this shocking discovery as it develops. And by "develops" I mean my husband and I spend the next 30 minutes on IM frantically joke-planning a roadtrip to Zanesville.


Anonymous said...

Hey Governess.....I think I may have found the first double-shuttered Chi-Chi's. The former Chi-Chi's in York, PA, shuttered in 2004 with the rest of them, was converted into a Cheeseburger in Paradise that opened in 2006. I drove by it today it is boarded up again.....guess York didn't find the place a paradise.....so now the former creepy abandoned Chi-Chi's is now a creepy abandoned Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Curious said...

Did the Chi Chi's at Landmark in Alexandria have entertainment? Did others? What type?

Anonymous said...

Tumbleweed is nothing like Chi-Chis at all. Don't waste your time!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure an old ChiChi's in Steubenville, Ohio is still there at the Fort Steuben Mall... I'll be driving by today and will take photos if I see it. It was one of the last ones to close... I remember seeing large signs posted everywhere about there discontinued use of the green onions trying to lure customers back in, but to avail. I would've gotten a shot just to be able to eat there again!!

-Mallory S.

Anonymous said...

I miss Chi Chi's. I used to go there once a month with a friend of mine and order the twice grilled BBQ Buritto and sweet corn cake. :-(

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were die hard Chi Chi's fans. As the local ones began to close, we drove as far as 5 hours to enjoy our favorite establishment. We have tried MANY mexican and tex/mex restaurants since and have found NOTHING that compares. Yes, that even includes Tumbleweed and Don Pablos. We crave the entire menu.. Would even go as far as to own/manage our own if given the opportunity.

Sadly De-Salsafied in Indiana

Jon said...

Wow, I am dumbstruck. I used to be a waiter at Chi Chis in Fayetteville, NC and I never did hear about a hepatitis outbreak and deaths stemming from it until today.

I wasn't the best waiter in the world, but it was a fun place to work nonetheless. There were many nice people working with me (thanks Calvin for all your help!) and we used to have some great employee parties.

It's sad to think I will never again have a Chi Chis chimichanga again. Also, the fried chicken served on the lunch buffet was the best!

*walking away, head hung low, humming La Cucaracha*

dmurry said...

Tumbleweed is nothing like Chi Chi's, but I didn't know they were the same company until today. That's interesting. I might have to go back someday with that in mind.